Liquid fillers for pharma and food industries

IPS liquid filling solution is a hit with gourmet food manufacturer

The IPS Versaflow liquid filling system has crossed the barrier into the food packaging environment where it has proven to be extremely effective by increasing throughput and accuracy while reducing downtime and waste.


Maison Orphée Case Study


At Pack Expo 2016, Eric Gauthier, Operations Manager of Maison Orphee was in the market for a new liquid filling solution. While visiting the IPS booth, The IPS VersaFlow liquid filling system caught his eye. Maison Orphee, based in Quebec, is a producer of high quality condiments including a wide variety of oils, vinegars, dressings and mustards. With so many products to package, down time must be kept to a minimum, so fast changeover and ease of cleaning is a must. (Visit Maison Orphee at

The viscosity range of Maison Orphee’s products is quite wide. The mustards, as well as salad dressings, contain herbs and seeds, and were of immediate concern. Product was sent to IPS for testing and the results surpassed all expectations.

According to Mr. Gauthier, “We were looking for a new liquid filler for nonviscous to mid-viscous products. We needed a filling system that would provide us with throughput increase and product loss decrease during change over. Low maintenance, quick change over and easy cleanability were also key factors to be taken into consideration for final choice. The Versaflow displayed in the IPS booth convinced me in the performance it could deliver while meeting all of the above factors. The IPS team was extremely professional and supportive all through the process from quotation to after sales support. The new equipment gave us a throughput increase of up to 50% compared with our other 8 head piston  filler. In addition, we have reduced the product loss due to the filling system accuracy and change over method.”

Integrated Packaging Systems, Inc. is a leader in the design and manufacture of packaging machinery for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry. For over 25 years IPS has helped companies both large and small reduce costs and increase production efficiency. The IPS ProCount is widely recognized as the industry leader in high speed solid dosage filling capable of delivering over 30,000 tablets per minute.

The IPS VersaFlow liquid filling systems which utilize IPS designed and manufactured peristaltic pumps in order to meet the most stringent sanitary requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. These servo-driven pumps provide extreme fill accuracy. Product changeover can be done in minutes as there is virtually no cleaning required. The tubing is simply replaced, and a new product can be run without fear of cross contamination. Related products include conveyors, rotary chuck cappers, unscrambler tables, accumulation tables, slat washers, replacement slats and change parts.

IPS can also provide complete, fully integrated, packaging lines with options such as sanitary wire troughs, conveyor covers and a power distribution panel with an HMI for centralized line control.