Tablet Counting

Procount Slat Counter

Slat counter for solid dose tablets, capsules and soft gels. The unique “clean” design allows for low downtime for cleaning and changeover and it is virtually impossible for rogue tablets to hide.

When you choose the Procount Slat Counter for your solid dose tablet, capsule and soft gel tablet counting needs, you’re getting a product that is unmatched in speed, accuracy and design. The clean design of the Procount Slat Counter means less downtime for cleaning and changeover, and it is virtually impossible for rogue tablets to hide. With a changeover time of 60 minutes or less, the Procount Slat Counter is the superior choice for any tablet counting system available. The unique design of the Procount Slat Counter means fewer parts, eliminating blind recesses that can hide tablets.

Tablet counting - IPS slat counters

Change over in 60 minutes or less

Reduces downtime

Superior speed and accuracy to any other filling system available

System is driven by a servo motor for precise control of slat positioning to ensure consistently accurate counts.

The unique design means less parts, eliminating blind recesses that can hide tablets.

WIth the unique ``clean`` design, it is virtually impossible for rogue tablets to hide



  • Revolutionary design reduces cleaning and changeover time.
  • Product hopper is an integral part of the machine.
  • Servo motor control.
  • Allen Bradley controls and touch screen.
  • Independently driven variable speed brush assembly controlled through the touch screen.
  • Single drive shaft system designed for easy removal.
  • Slats are carried on stainless steel & nylon hybrid chains.
  • Vibrators designed for any turbulent actions in the tablet pickup area.
  • Power lift to simplify height adjustment for different size containers.
  • Electronic sensors to count bottles in and out, to prevent missing bottles under the filler.
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IPS provides the highest quality slats for the most discriminating pharmaceutical manufacturers. IPS designs every slat specifically to meet your particular products and equipment.

Consistency and stability

With over 25 years' experience, we have developed solutions for some of the most challenging products.

High filling efficiency

Reduce rejects and increase overall throughput. IPS employs the latest in computer aided engineering and manufacturing.

Delivery time

Lead times are crucial in packaging. Slats are made in our factory to guarantee the best time delivery in the industry!



  • Custom designed for your tablet shapes and sizes.
  • Made in our factory (control over the quality and materials).
  • Our material is exclusively selected for consistency and stability.
  • IPS provides the highest quality slats for the most discriminating pharmaceutical manufacturers.
  • Our in-house manufacturing center and advanced manufacturing methods allow IPS to accommodate your tight deadlines.
  • IPS are experts at designing slats for use with vision inspection systems to create slats that reduce false rejects and increase overall throughput.
  • Slats can be made to fit IMA, Lakso, Merrill or any other slat counters
Contact us if your tablet filling operation is lacking, we will be pleased to put our experience to work for you.

Tablet Elevator

Bulk tablet feeder with stainless steel bin and UHMW side guides are easily removable without tools, and the wide “bucket” cleats won’t trap tablets against elevator sides. Can be used with slat fillers or electronic counters.

tablet feeder

Easy inspection

Open base and removable bin allows for quick and easy inspection.

Easy to clean

Easy to disassemble without any tools.

Photoelectric control for automatic operation

Automatically turn elevator feeder off/on depending on product level in filler.



  • 8.0 cubic feet capacity bin
  • Stainless steel bin is easily removable (no tools).
  • All contact surfaces are FDA approved materials.
  • Bin loading height is 40”.
  • Clear covers are easily removable.
  • Urethane Belt is FDA-approved / EU-compliant / USDA-accepted material that reduces potential for contamination in food contact environments.
  • HDPE side guides – removable for cleaning (no tools).
  • Lower vacuum dust collection port.
  • Tool-less disassembly for cleaning.
  • 304 Stainless steel base frame & hidden drive assembly.
  • Open base design for easy inspection.
  • Photoelectric control for automatic operation to turn elevator feeder off/on, depending on product level in filler.
  • 120 VAC, 15-amp electrical requirements.
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CountSafe™ Inspection System

IPS slat counters can easily be integrated with Optel Vision Systems – CountSafe™ inspection system for greater assurance that the correct product and correct count are placed in each bottle.

Bottles filled with 100% correct products

Inspects tablets, capsules, gel caps, dual colored capsules and dual colored tablets.

Excellent ROI with less product rework and increased productivity

Increased accuracy, which helps to avoid costly recalls.

The most innovative automated vision inspection solution on the market

Detects wrong color, rogue, missing, broken, chipped or over/undersized tablets, foreign objects/materials and overall product integrity.

  • 100% inspection for wrong color/size/shape/count, broken/missing products, foreign objects
  • Exact count with precision
  • Air knife for dust protection
  • Tablets or capsules
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Slat Washers

The first slat washer designed exclusively for washing slats. Most machines are adaptations of equipment offered for a variety of industries. We designed our machine from the beginning to do one thing, wash slats efficiently and completely!

slat washer

Reduced Labor

Designed exclusively to wash slats.

Consistent cleaning

Meet the strict pharmaceutical standards.

Time saving

Documented cleaning process.



  • All product contact parts are FDA approved pharmaceutical grade materials
  • All internal metallic components are 316 stainless steel
  • Stainless steel outer construction
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Small footprint
  • Ease of use
  • Low maintenance
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low water consumption
  • PLC controls
  • Color touch screen operator interface
  • 100 recipe memory locations for easy recall
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