Line Integration

Bottle Handling & Line Integration

IPS offers full lines design, assembly, testing, and installation. We take a holistic approach to our customers requirements and tailor a solution based on their needs.

pharma packaging line integration

Optimize your production capacity

With an optimized design and layout

Custom solution tailor-made for your needs

Benefit from IPS expertise and holistic approach

Clean solution for power and compressed air distribution

Central power & Process Air to support the entire line



Automated bottle handling and line controls are all optimized for smooth production flow thanks to our custom line monitoring systems.


IPS also manufactures and installs stainless steel electrical wireways and air lines providing a clean solution for power and compressed air distribution.


Power Distribution System Features:


  • UL Certified (508A)
  • Power Quality Monitor
  • Phase Loss
  • Under/Over Voltage
  • Brown out
  • Separate Circuits for each piece of equipment
  • Separate Start/Resets of each piece of equipment
  • Clean Installation
  • Stainless Steel NEMA 4X Enclosure
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Sanitary Conveyor & Bottle Screw Feed

IPS Sanitary Conveyors feature a mono rail design. The conveyor chain rides on a raised bed supported by a single row of spacers. This allows for ease of access cleaning from both sides of the conveyor.

pharma packaging conveyors

Completely covered motor

No cracks and crevasses for pills to hide

Easy placement of sensors and guide rail holders

Without the need for drilling extra holes

Servo motor Timing Screw Drives for precise positioning of the bottles

Flexible installation, fits most conveyor designs



  • Available in 4 ½ and 7 ½ widths
  • Easily integrated to your filling machine
  • Designed for simplicity and ease of use
  • Electroless-Nickel Plated Aluminum
  • Light weight and clean
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Accumulation & Surge Tables

Provides smoother product flow along the packaging line reducing bottle necks.


IPS tables can be used for unscrambling, surge and accumulation of plastic or bottles.

Smooth Transfers

IPS can offer power transfer as well as end and side transfer.

Improve Product Flow

Bi-flow tables reduce accumulated pressure on bottles and provide more reliable transitions.



  • 42” Round or 3’ X 5’/ 4’ x 6’ Linear table designs for accumulation or Surge.
  • DC or AC variable speed drive .
  • TENV Motors & Reducers
  • 304 SS construction w/Stainless or UHMW conveyor bed
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