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Nutraceuticals Trends 2021

Nutraceuticals: Consumer and Packaging Trends to Consider in 2021

The global nutraceutical market is on the rise. Valued at 382.51 billion USD in 2019, we can expect growth of 8.3% over the next few years.


Those numbers are not surprising. Nutraceuticals have so much value when they are used as a means of prevention, saving thousands of dollars in the current health care system. Health affects the entire population, and with the growing dialogue about the health system, nutraceuticals definitely have their place as a more natural replacement for traditional medicine.


The market of nutraceuticals includes all supplements and vitamins as well as functional foods and drinks. In terms of packaging, these products share great similarities with the pharma and food & beverage industries.

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The 3 major continuous trends for nutraceuticals packaging:


  1. Easy to operate equipment.


  1. Quick and easy cleaning: Companies often look for machines that can be completely cleaned in 20 to 30 minutes or less.


  1. Flexible systems: Producers want the assurance of purchasing equipment that will adapt to the needs of the business as it grows.
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