Liquid Fillers for Pharma, Cosmetic and Food Industries

Versaflow Liquid Filler

IPS liquid fillers utilize peristaltic pumps in order to meet the most stringent sanitary requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

liquid filler

Lower risk of contamination

From materials or cross contamination

Quick and clean changeover

With a simple tubing change

Lobe pumps available

For highly viscous fluids and medium solids.



  • ​​HMI manages all machine settings, recipe storage and recall, and user management.
  • Servo controlled pumps for accurate liquid filling.
  • ​Servo controlled diving nozzle rack for smooth and accurate positioning of nozzles.
  • ​Automatic nozzle bar breakaway for collision detection.
  • Pneumatic pinch valves available to eliminate dripping from nozzles.
  • Optional feed screw to ensure positive bottle control throughout fill cycle.
  • Available in low profile, aseptic, and explosion proof variations.
  • Peristaltic, lobe, and gear pumps available.
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Peristaltic Pumps

The IPS Peristaltic pumps are the cleanest and easiest pumps in use today for pharmaceutical

peristaltic pump

No potential for cross contamination

Or foreign material contamination.

FDA Medical grade tubing

Silicon tubing is the only material in contact with your product!

High reliability

Precise metering: 0.5-2%



  • Precision liquid filling from 10ml to 5000ml or higher.
  • Filling accuracy to +/-.5-2% with appropriate tubing.
  • Servo motor for precise control of the pump head.
  • Offset Rollers reduce pulsation.
  • Easy changeover with virtually no cleanup.
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Lobe Pumps

Rotary lobe pumps offer superb sanitary qualities, high efficiency, reliability, corrosion resistance, and good clean-in-place and sterilize-in-place (CIP/SIP) characteristics.

lobe pump

Pass medium solids

Better suited for viscous materials and medium solids.

No metal-to-metal contact

Non contacting with a gentle pumping action to minimize product degradation.

Superior CIP/SIP capabilities

Meets sanitary requirements such as 3-A, FDA and USDA.



  • Minimize product degradation
  • Handles solids to slurries, pastes and a wide variety of other liquids
  • Ideal for Pharmaceuticals
  • Perfect for viscous food and cosmetic applications such as coconut oil, alcohol, cream, glycerin, ketchup, water, lotions and solvents.
  • Externals (head, casing) –  316L stainless steel head and casing
  • Internals (rotors, shaft) –  316L stainless steel, non-galling stainless steel
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